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At Perfect Foot Solution, we aim to provide holistic care for all foot problems. We bring to the Kuwaiti market only the best and scientifically tested (and proven!) footwear and foot care products.

If you have any foot ailment, pain or concerns regarding your feet or your gait we have a qualified podiatrist who can  provide you with advise and discuss all options of treatment and offer you the best individual solution.

We manufacture bespoke orthopedic shoes as well as offer a wide range of  therapeutic and comfort shoes without compromising on style. We also design and manufacture customised insoles and orthotics using casts and the most up-to date and accurate force-plate system which gathers information about how you walk and stand. All our shoes, socks and orthotics are manufactured using only the most high quality and technologically-advanced materials in order to protect such complex structures, your feet.

Your shoes must fit your feet, not your feet fit your shoes.

حذائك يجب أن تناسب قدميك، وليس قدميك تناسب حذائك