A gait analysis is a patient-specific assessment. The aim of this analysis is to identify which structures of the foot and/or lower limb are involved in any foot, knee hip or back pain as well as which type of movement elicits the pain. In case of any injury such as sport-related injuries or diabetic-foot ulcers, we also decide if any of the current walking patterns are contributing to increased stress or load on the injured anatomy. Based on these findings, we will formulate an appropriate management plan to reduce these forces and pressure.


The assessment will often be broken down into these sub sections:

  1. History taking
  2. A non-weight bearing examination
  3. A weight-bearing and gait examination

We use a force plate walkway to measure and capture the pressures under your foot as you stand as well as how it changes during your gait cycle.

Our hardware is connected to the most up-to date scientific software which analyses and records your plantar pressures. This allows us to monitor progress during follow-up appointments.