The understanding of how foot orthoses actually work is constantly being investigated and researched. Traditionally, a “normal” foot was defined, and it was believed that orthoses exerted their beneficial effects by re-aligning the skeleton back to this normal or ideal position. This is often illustrated in before and after pictures as shown on the right.

However, as the foot is a very complex structure with over 20 bones and many intricate ligaments and muscles, simply aligning the foot while static is not the main goal. Clinically, changes in alignment seem to be different from person to person.

The purpose of prescribing foot orthoses vary widely from offloading a single sight (as in plantar foot ulceration) to realigning structures of the lower limb to prevent pain (such as heel, knee and hip pain).


We have many years of experience in this field and have helped thousands of  people in Kuwait with positive results and feedback from the use of our prescribed orthoses.